The New Mercedes-AMG 53 Series: The Perfect Combination of Performance and Design

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 9

There’s a ton of powertrain investigation going on this moment. Heaps of genuine power geeks, making sense of how to apply new techniques for jolt to inside ignition and goes beyond the normality.

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 9

Huge numbers of those specialists work for the three-pointed star, is actuality have, and some of them pulled back the drapery of their most up to date collection: the 2019 Mercedes-AMG Series 53.


All About Powertrain

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 8

The story with the supposed “53-series” is extremely about the powertrain. AMG’s inline-six depends on the customary Mercedes M256 3.0-liter unit that is in the CLS450, yet it makes 429 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque in the 53-series.

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 7

These motors supplant the customary belt-driven starter and alternator with an electric engine, called EQ Boost, that sits between the motor and transmission.

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 6

This straight-six uses customary fume driven turbocharger, but the 48-volt framework likewise turns up an electric turbocharger. Mercedes isn’t calling this a twin-turbo motor, in that capacity, however, you can think about these turbos as working to an average twin successive setup. The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 5

This motor is snared to a similar nine-speed programmed utilized as a part of the new E63 that replaces the customary torque converter with a wet startup grip. You additionally get AMG’s new 4matic+ all-wheel drive framework that offers completely factor torque dissemination between the front and back hub.


Stylish on the Outside

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 4

The Mercedes-AMG 53 Series has its own interesting pizazz over all models, with basic components, for example, a twin-sharp edge radiator grille with the dark cross-section, a 5-talked wheel plan, an A-Wing configuration in advance, highlights, AMG side-ledges boards and chrome plated and round fumes funnels.

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 3

Inside, the current and laudatory glass display theme continues, with two 12.3-inch display screens and a customizable experience that includes Progressive, Classic, and Sporty options.

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 2

The cars have AMG-specific sports seat upholstery with AMG badging, in MB-Tex or nappa leather and an array of color combinations. The cars also get some snappy red seat belts and carbon fiber trim.

The New Mercedes Amg 53 Series 1

Driver-help highlights are the most recent addition being utilized as a part of the S-Class, including regular innovation like braking assist, evasive steering assists, or attention assist. The versatile journey modifies speed naturally in front of bends or convergences.

The price of the car will be reported at a later date, yet we do realize that the 53-series ought to go marked down in the not so distant future this year.

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