Go Beyond with Lamborghini Belador Concept by Sergey Dvornytskyy

Lamborghini Belador Concept 7

Throughout the years, Lamborghini hasn’t been modest in the communicating their identity through the design of their autos. In any case, it’s an incredible character to have, as each car they deliver is notable, and nobody ever overlooks them.

Lamborghini Belador Concept 8

From the Countach to the Aventador, Lamborghini’s design is always one to note and very memorable. Any vehicle the Italian supercar producer presents is in a flash conspicuous on account of its sharp edges and in-your-confront styling components.

Lamborghini Belador Concept 7

Designer Sergey Dvornytskyy is no stranger to angular styling either – his Maserati Genesi concept was handsome to look at what potentially could be. But this concept is arguably even more stunning.

Lamborghini Belador Concept 6

Named the Lamborghini Belador concept  – named after the battling bull with a similar name – the attractive two-tone supercar obtains present day prompts from cars from the same company like the Huracan, Aventador, and even the Terzo Millennio idea, and mixes them with exemplary styling components.

Lamborghini Belador Concept 5

The Lamborghini Belador “represents the unity between technology and traditions,” says Dvornytskyy. “Inspired by the classic lines of historic Lamborghini, it creates a clean but technically functional design.”

Lamborghini Belador Concept 4

The front bit of the concept car is a solitary framed shell involving front sash, grille, front guards, and light housings.

Lamborghini Belador Concept 3

The rear half in gold features doors, and the entire rear portion, everything from the engine bay to the diffusers.

Lamborghini Belador Concept 2

Dvornytskyy says that the state of his thought on the design of this concept is to “unites the brain and powertrain of the vehicle.”

Lamborghini Belador Concept 1

Dvornytskyy says that the Belador will be fueled by a half and half powertrain “hybrid”, running with its cutting-edge look. “The car is powered by a hybrid engine and gives the driver the best driving performance as you’d expect from Lamborghini,”

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