BMW Concept i4: The First-Ever electric Gran Coupe

Bmw Concept I4 8

BMW finally revealed its newest electric car concept, the BMW Concept i4 via live broadcast. The introduction model was made after the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) 2020 was canceled.

The international automotive exhibition, which was planned to begin in March was canceled due to the escalation of the spread of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

Bmw Concept I4 6

The overall shape of the i4 is like a 4-Series with Gran Coupe body styling. The four-door sedan is lined with typical coupe sloping roofs, creating a blend of elegant and sporty looks.

At first glance, the i4 Concept seems to be a preview of the successor of the M4 if embedded with an electric powertrain.

Bmw Concept I4 8

The most interesting element is the grille that is now shaped extra large and high. Behind the grille is the latest BMW sophistication which the carmaker called the Intelligence Panel that functions as the housing of sensors.

Bmw Concept I4 1

Through the front fascia, BMW reinterprets the classic design of the four headlights. Bridging traditional characteristics into the future. Two LED lines on each side of the free-standing can be lit for various functions.

Bmw Concept I4 10

The logo also evolved in the design of this concept, which for the first time the brand’s latest identity was introduced to the public. The design is more two-dimensional and transparent – replacing black in the old rounded one.

Bmw Concept I4 11

Meanwhile, the electric sedan carries the Frozen Light Copper color with blue elements on the front. The blue line adorns BMW’s super large grille, side skirts, and rear diffuser. The headlamp is also exposed to the touch of blue.

Bmw Concept I4 2

The exterior is covered by a smooth metal plate with angles that are not too sharp. Meanwhile, at the rear precisely near the diffuser, looks neat with an aerodynamic design.

Bmw Concept I4 3

The interior of the BMW i4 Concept looks minimalist and is very open with a glass roof. The main view of the driver will be directed to the hooded frameless curved display, extending to the center stack.

Bmw Concept I4 5

This car also presents an elegant “driver-oriented” sensation. This is where all the control centers are located. Even AC control is integrated into it. This is their approach to reducing the flurry of buttons in the cabin.

This car is equipped with luxurious microfiber upholstery and a curved touch screen on the driver’s dashboard. There is also a pair of 12-inch screens, Swarovski iDrive wheels, and gold accents on the inside. BMW gives a retro touch to the steering wheel.

Bmw Concept I4 4

This Munich manufacturer is thick with driving dynamism. Getting into the age of electrification certainly does not mean deposing that view. The B<W i4 electrical potential is claimed to be equivalent to the engine of the fossil age V8.

Bmw Concept I4 9

The electric motor extraction can reach 530 hp and able to reach the speed of 0-100 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds. The energy source comes from batteries with 80 kWh power, capable of pushing the BMW Concept i4 to cover 600 km (WLTP calculation).

Bmw Concept I4 7

The BMW Concept i4 assembly will begin in 2021 in the birthplace of BMW, Munich. The BMW i4 is conceptualized as a fully electrified car and is planned to be produced in 2022.

The i4 model has a chassis that is more affordable than other i-series’ chassis that are known to be expensive and difficult to produce. The use of this chassis makes this electric car more affordable.

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