Hyundai Kite: Convertible Buggy That is Able to Switch Into Jet Ski

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Hyundai and the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) have collaborated to reveal the Kite concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The Kite concept was made by 15 understudies as a major aspect of their proposition venture for the Master in Transportation Design program.

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They worked with the Hyundai Design Center Europe to make a lightweight buggy which can be changed into a solitary jet stream ski.

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With these partnerships Hyundai helps to contribute to the education of young designers, gaining insights and inspiration from the work with the talented design students.

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It is a cutting edge outdoors vehicle which highlights LED headlights, dynamic bodywork, and an enormous taillight. The car likewise has an incompletely uncovered suspension and gigantic OZ Racing wheels with rough terrain tires.

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The Hyundai Kite is a doorless, roofless and austere vehicle that can drive both on lanes and over water. It comprises of a monocoque undercarriage with a length of 3,745 mm and a stature of 1,455 mm.

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In both configurations, the vehicle is equipped with electric propulsion, with four brushless engines placed inside the wheels and a water jet turbine for traveling on water.

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Its surfaces entwine, making a continuum of turns and crossing points. The creators planned to diminish boundaries between the exterior and interior to make a useful and fun vehicle. The particular point of the Hyundai Kite is to pass on immortal plan esteems by methods for an unmistakable plan and design.

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