Honda Urban EV Concept: The Best Urban EV on The Market

Honda Urban Ev Concept 6

Who said electric autos can’t be cool? Honda has affirmed their adorable Urban EV Concept will go into production one year from now. Honda’s charming minimal Urban EV Concept that stole hearts in last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and at the Geneva Motor Show a week ago.

Honda Urban Ev Concept 7

The case formed hatchback — propelled by the outline of the small two-chamber, bug-peered toward N360X presented in the late 1960s and the original Civic presented in the mid-1970s — will be on European streets in 2019.

Honda Urban Ev Concept 6

Build on another platform, the small two-entryway EV is somewhere in the range of four inches shorter than a Honda Fit. Acquiring from the far inverse end of the car range, the idea utilizes raise pivoted entryways, à la Rolls-Royce.

Honda Urban Ev Concept 5

This four-seater is unusual in that it has a bench seat in front; in addition, the front and rear seats are upholstered in different fabrics. The rear seatbelts pull out from the center, which is supposed to aid entry and exit.

Honda Urban Ev Concept 4

Outside, the space between the headlights where the grille typically would be is a screen that can show messages to different drivers or the status of battery charge; the backside has a similar component.

Honda Urban Ev Concept 3

The inside is decorated with wood trim including an expansive board crossing the dash, which gets an ultrawide, coasting instrument screen.

Honda Urban Ev Concept 2

Honda says the Urban EV will come with a digital voice-activated assistant called Honda Automated Network Assistant that “learns from the driver by detecting emotions behind their judgments.”

Honda Urban Ev Concept 1

There’s still no word on essential specs like the battery pack, drive, and range, however, those will make certain to rise to as the Urban EV gets nearer to its release date.

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