BMW R80GS Enduro by NCT Motorcycles: Conquer Every Terrain

Bmw R80gs Enduro By Nct Motorcycles 9

With regards to scramblers, the first BMW R80 G/S is the genuine article. Initially brought about by an architect who had been handling an R75/5 in the International Six Days Trial, it, in the long run, proceeded to pile on four Dakar titles.

Bmw R80gs Enduro By Nct Motorcycles 10

It’s already one of the best dirt bikes that adapt so well on the roadside, so which aspect is getting an upgrade to make the exemplary custom of the Enduro Bike? The NCT Motorcycles in Austria might have the answer.

Bmw R80gs Enduro By Nct Motorcycles 9

Entrusted with taking a BMW R80GS and transforming it into such a ride, the group made a special effort, worked together with the best in the business and have delivered a definitive end of the week warrior for a man who likes to get on any street and off them as well.


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The BMW R80G/S is a bike that was produced in Berlin, Germany, by BMW Motorrad from 1980 to 1987. Generation totaled 21,864 bicycles. It was the first in the BMW GS group of specific double bike, of which more than 500,000 have been delivered.

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This bike is often considered the world’s first “Adventure Bike” able to be equally as capable both on and off-road. The designation G/S stands for the German words Gelände/Straße, which mean offroad/road – highlighting the bike’s dual sports design.

The New Horizon – NCT is Reaching The Unfamiliar Territory

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Being entrusted with making of a custom great enduro machine that capacities and in addition its frame was another test they were very eager to go up against. Talking things over with the customer, an accomplished ride educator, they concurred an ’80s GS was the ideal base.

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“We’ve started like with every other project by stripping the donor bike down. After that we’ve shorted the rare frame and powder coated it in black,” explains David.  “Even the bark busters and fork covers were expertly color matched to ensure they sported the particular Bavarian hue.”


Start from The Frame

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NCT have confidence in the full nut and screw way to deal with an assemble and with a bicycle that will be ridden in outrage in a wide range of conditions that is a to a great degree smart thought.

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Instead of the big plastics from the original bike, the subframe now sports a beautifully integrated Acerbis fender, complete with plate holder. While upfront the Rizoma parts catalog was raided with the right fender chosen and then shortened to match the rear.


Original Engine – Well, It’s Still Roaring Fine, So Why Change?

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With around 50hp from the production line, the 800cc form of BMW’s boxer twin isn’t the most ground-breaking, yet its direct torque and close on unbreakability make it ideal for an enduro machine. NCT decided not to change the motor but rather decided to the revamp and manufactured a dazzling full treated steel deplete and fitted up an SGS suppressor.

Bmw R80gs Enduro By Nct Motorcycles 1

The suspension bundle on a genuine enduro machine is the most imperative region to get right. The decades-old front forks have been hurled aside and in their place are new WP USD. At the back, the mono-stun is additionally supplanted by a WP, a completely customizable unit that can be tweaked for the weight and style of the rider.

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