Vector: The Most Advanced Smart and Happy Home Robot Ever

Vector 3

Vector is a smart home robot with a happy smile for you. It is built with a voice-enabled and always ready to help you. It is a little guy that can see, feel, and also hear you. Vector is alive and it will be ready to ship in October 2018. It is a helpful character that can bring a happiness in your home.


Vector 3

This smart robot is very helpful. If you ask him some question, he will answer it. You can answer about people, places, things, astronomy, nutrition, a stock market, sports, flight status, time zone, and even equation solver questions.



Vector 1

Vector is alive and also aware. He can see the world with its HD camera. The powerful four-microphone array makes him can hear well. The touch sensor allows him to feel any moves. Vector also can think with its processor’s brain.



Vector 4

The processing power in Vector comes from a Qualcomm 200 processing platform. The HD camera is designed with a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle field of view. The high-resolution color IPS display makes him able to have a direct contact eye with you.



Vector 2

This robot can be used with an app for the setup but the most interaction of it is done with talking and also eye contact. You can use the app when you are interesting with Vector feeling and mood.



Vector 5

The design of Vector comes from the real character that you often see around you. Small exotic pets and wild animals such as sugar gliders and fennec foxes are the inspirations for the Vector character. It can make this robot acts naturally just like those animals.

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