Atom: Reinvented 3-axis Phone Gimbal

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Gimbals make videography and photography a lot simpler to do utilizing our smartphone since it comprises of many axes which cause a gadget to remain at a situation from where it can play out some great activities.

Atom 2

In spite of the fact that nowadays there are different sorts of Gimbals ou there, yet every one of them is either not convenient. But Atom is a super versatile gimbal, stuffed with heaps of highlights and it’s handy as well.


Become A Pro with Atom

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The 3-hub gimbal gives you rich functionalities, lightweight plus and expanded augmentation. The Atom gimbal is been made in such a route along these lines, to the point that anybody can accomplish the demonstrable skill which is by and large found in films and on TVs.


Three Axis – Lots of Angles

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The 3-Axis phone gimbal is foldable and more than a half portion of the ATOM can be folded, for which the device is easily portable everywhere and this phone gimbal weighs only 440 grams, which makes it lightweight as well so that your arms will not get tired even if you shoot for a long time.


Perfect Locking Angle & Action Cam Ready

Atom 7 Atom 6

The handle of the Atom comprises of various sort of catches which performs different activities and you can control the Atom utilizing these catches, with or without the Snoppa application as long as your telephone Bluetooth is connected to the gimbal. Atom is for the most part intended for smartphone recording however it additionally can be utilized for activity cameras like GoPro Hero 4, 5, 6 arrangement.


Snoppa App

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Snoopa App which the Atom comprises of will furnish the users with a lot more gimbal controls and shooting techniques. As we have noticed in lots of movies it consists of memorable sounds that’s why Atom is been provided with a built-in mic interface for third-party microphones which improves the audio quality for interviews, live streaming and live shooting as well.

Wireless Charging? Okay

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Atom is compatible with both wireless charging as well as wired charging so in case if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging you can go with the wired charging as well and the phone mounting and gimbal stabilization will not affect the charging cable as well.

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