Impossible I-1 Camera: Analog, Meet Digital.

Impossible I 1 Camera 1

Impossible Instant Lab Universal is famous for a reason. The startup got its huge fame thanks to their capability to juggle digital photos on smartphones into Polaroid analog photos. Now, they get on another venture and introduced their first camera, called Impossible I-1.

Impossible I 1 Camera 1

Impossible I-1 is projected to be the new generation of instant cameras popularized by Polaroid. The company tried to merge two worlds separated by time, namely the impression of nostalgia with analog instant cameras and modern designs along with digital-based controls that we know very well now.

Impossible I 1 Camera 2

This camera is basically an analog camera and uses type 600 films like the Polaroid 600 series. Even so, it still packs a number of modern features, such as rechargeable batteries, autofocus and lots of LED flash that form a circle that will work automatically adjusting to the surrounding lighting conditions as well as the distance between the camera and locked objects focus.

Impossible I 1 Camera 3

The developer is also including a companion application that will provide extra functions when the camera and smartphone are connected via Bluetooth. Right through the app, the user will get full manual control such as aperture, shutter speed to the flash settings and other creative modes such as double exposure or long exposure.

Impossible I 1 Camera 4

The Impossible I-1 actually did maintain all the good that is carried by analog instant cameras and digital cameras, packaging them in one innovative product that can appeal to all circles, not just the classic camera fan community.

Impossible I 1 Camera 5

The addition of control in terms of digital advancement shows the intention of Impossible Instant Lab Universal in recreating and combining the two of the best product. The Impossible I-1 provides all the exposure needed to enjoy the classic and digital vibe of photography.

Impossible I 1 Camera 6

The Impossible I-1 provides the creative control that not even the latest premium digital camera can handle. The instant camera is available for $102.

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