Aeolus: Your Future Robot Helper

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Aeolus Robotics presents the best future robot helper called Aeolus. This robot helper will give you a better life with its ability as a human assistant. It is also the first generation of a household assistant from Aeolus Robotics which is not only caring you but also your family. The superior Artificial Intelligence technology makes this robot has the best learning every day to improve the service to you.


Household Robot Assistants

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Aeolus is specially designed to help your everyday activities and make your life much easier. With its small wheels, this robot helper is so flexible to move from one area to another area in your home. It also has two functional hands that can give you a morning coffee, a dinner on the way your home, and even cleaning your house.


Agile, Smart, and Integrated

Aeolus Robot 3

Aelous is prepared to give you a comfort and a care feels. This robot will always ready to help your difficulties at home, so you can spend more times with your family. With the interchangeable and extendable arms, the robots can mop, vacuum, move the furniture, and also put the dishes away.

Aelous is smart too. It can even clean your home by itself without waiting for your instruction. It is easy for Aelous to learn and recognize the people in your home. It has an awesome ability to remember more than 1000 household items too in your home.

The integration of this robot can be connected to all most technology systems like Google Home and Alexa. There is also an app for you to monitor all things that the robot saw.


Safe and Fun with Voice-Controlled

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This robot is can accurately predict the hums behaviors like sleepiness in driving. It can surely help you to prevent any danger cause of bad behavior. The safe style of Aelous also comes with its ability to recognize any changes of posture and also when an elderly fall. You can use the app to see and monitor all things that the robot does at home.

Another fun thing about Aelous is its voice-controlled feature. This robot can accept and recognize the voice commands. It is also same with the text commands too that you input into it. Aelous is not only designed with the high technology but also completed with a fun feature to be used.



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Aelous has 7-DOF + 1-DOF interchangeable gripper hand complete with the tools. It also has a 2-DOF head which is completed with a 3D camera and 5MP 2D camera. For the movement, Aelous gets a 2-DOF base for both vertical and horizontal movement. 2.5 kg payload with CPU/CGU and 802.11 ac WiFi + Bluetooth makes this robot has a great performance.

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