Open Vessel: Architectural Meditation Pod

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If you are the one who needs to have a good energy and focus because of all busy activities, this meditation pod will be perfect for you. The combination of architectural design, the lighting, the sound, and also the guided meditations in Open Vessel surely can restore your balance well. This meditation pod comes from a lot of people ideas with their different backgrounds.


About Open Vessel Elevate

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The company consists of some awesome team group of musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, sound healers, and of course, meditation teachers. The mission is creating a lasting and positive impact on a lot of people with the technology of pod with its meditation power.


Meditation Pod

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The meditation pod is only made with the best material only. With the egg shape and the grey color on the cover, this pod seems so prestige. The design inside the pot is very flexible. You can choose the light color and set the seat based on your meditation need.


The Experience

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There are five main experiences that you can try with the Open Vessel. Relax, Energize, DayDream, Meditate in Silence, and also Listen to Music. If you just need a simple relax, you can choose Relax. You can even try to have a good dream with the DayDream or just listening to your favorite music with Listen to Music.


Sounds and Meditations

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For the meditation use, you can choose some featured artists with their best meditation sounds, like Omar Ahmadzai and Andrew Clark. With the comfortable light and the seat cushion, you can enjoy your meditation with a meditation sound that you choose.


Inviting Pod

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Some people who already tried this meditation pod said this pod is really inviting with its powerful design. The pod is also comfy with its interior dimensions and it can give a deep state of relaxation. It works for everyone that needs a refreshing meditation session.

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