Robugtix Z6: The Portable and Foldable Robot for Use in Professional Environments

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Boston Dynamics is constantly producing various kinds of robotics that are quite inspiring, such as guard dog robots, bat model robots, manta rays, and snake models. The repetitive success put Boston Dynamics as one of the world’s leading producers of robots, which in a way is helping everyday human problems.

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One of the robotic machine created in collaboration was a biomimetic Robugtix Z6 type. A portable spider robot that can be folded designed by the Robugtix company based in Hong Kong.

With its compact form, this robot is predicted to be potentially applicable in lots of area ranging from search and rescue to exploration on the surface of other planets. The Z6 robot is a robot with lots of legs designed to navigate in unstructured terrain, up and down stairs, and over obstacles.

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This robot also has capabilities that cannot be predicted for its movements. In the case when it was rolled over, the Z6 is capable to restore its position by itself. The Z6 is tough enough to overcome obstacles, not easily trapped, and will be maximized for exploration, search and rescue and inspection.

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As for dimensions, the Robugtix Z6 has a width of 20 cm, a length of 2 cm and a height of 13.7 cm. When the robot opens, it reaches 17 cm in height, 52 cm in width and 49cm in length. Its ability to creep is reaching 30 cm per second and controlled remotely using a joystick. As with the drones, the Z6 Robot has an internal camera capable of recording high-quality video streaming.

Robugtix Z6 4

“We welcome companies and the professional sector to reach out to their needs, so Robugtix can make a variety of robots that can be maximized for specific needs,” claimes a spokesman from Robugtix who wants to produce Robot Z6 for every public need.

  • Built-in camera with video streaming
  • Professional joystick controller with monitor
  • Sizes:
    • Compact mode: 20cm(W) x 23cm(L) x 13.7cm(H)
    • Default standing mode: 52cm(W) x 49cm(L) x 17cm(H) (approx.)
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