Pocobee – Robots that Fulfill Emotional Needs

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Pocobee is a robot intended to screen and monitor the elderly’s condition and to keep up and enhance their lives. The robot takes part in the discussion to energize an assortment of exercises and support in the public arena as indicated by every individual’s way of life and condition.

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Listening Ability
Applying the micro skill used in counseling, Pocobee engages in an active listening and dialogue through eye contact, expression, gestures, words, the tone of voice.

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Hearing Ability
The microphone inside this robot was customized for detecting only the user’s voice while reducing environmental noise, the echo from its own speech, and the noise from its gesture, all in real time. This makes automatic speech recognition, which is implemented in the cloud server.

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Apart from understanding the subject and context of the conversation with the help of internet functions, the robot can interpret the speaker’s emotions from their voice and can bring up memories or offer reminders about pending daily chores.

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Toyota is working with parental figures to create robots that can add to safeguard tend to the elderly in conjunction with fitting nursing programs. The older generation is becoming the main concern of Toyota and the development of a robot that accompany and support the mental health of human is one of the main objectives in building Pocobee.

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