Surge Mini Review: Small Powefull True Wireless Earbuds for $49

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The era of true wireless earbuds has arrived, this trend has become very popular in recent years and tech giants invest quite a lot to make this product better and better. Besides its more futuristic design, a true wireless earbuds are much more ergonomic when it’s being used. You will no longer see messy hanging cables.

Surge Mini comes independently through Indiegogo, a platform for crowdfunding. This is a revolutionary true wireless earbuds that features many interesting stuff that are usually only available in flagship products.

So, I got the opportunity to use it, and here is a review of Surge Mini.

Key tech specs

  • AAC Supported
  • 100 Hours Total Play Time
  • 2,000mAh Power Bank
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Snug Fitting Design
  • Instant Auto Pairing
  • Google Assistant & Siri Compatible

Earbuds Design

Small and ergonomic, very easy to attach to the ear. There is a button on each earbud to turn on and pair through Bluetooth connection.

If you like to listen to music while doing a workout, the Surge Mini is able to stick firmly, plus the IP63 certificate ensures Surge Mini is safe from dust and water splashes.

Need to make a call? Surge Mini can do that. Even this earbud supports Google Assistant and Siri.

About the Case

Surge Mini (1)

Surge Mini comes with a case that functions as a power bank as well. If the earbuds ran out of battery, then I just put it again in case to charge it. The earbuds attach to the case through a magnet which makes it very practical.

The case is a power bank with a capacity of 2000 mAh, I can use it to fill the Surge Mini up to 4 times, from zero to fully charged. There is an indicator light to show the reamaining power in the power bank.

Available in black and white, I got the black one. The case size isn’t too big, so it’s very easy to carry.

There is a USB port, this means the case can function as a power bank for other devices. It’s not big compared to devices like smartphones, but in an emergency, this feature will be very useful.

Easy Operation

Connecting a Surge Mini with a laptop or smartphone is super easy. Long press the button on one of the earbuds until you hear the “Pairing” sound, then connect to the Bluetooth device list on your laptop or smartphone.

Surge Mini Using (2)

After one earbud is connected, turn on the other earbud, then the two earbuds will automatically connect.

Sound Quality

I was not sure about the sound quality of true wireless earbuds, because all of them were connected wirelessly, I assumed that the sound quality would not be as good as wired earbuds.

But Surge Mini changed my opinion, this small device managed to produce sound with comfortable bass and quite perfect details. I don’t lose the details of the music.

Surge Mini can reduce noise well, I can listen to various genres of music very comfortably, the bass, treble, and the mid-range sounds equally. I often listen to rock and instrumental music, and I really enjoy it.

Something I Like

When I take the Surge Mini from the case, it is automatically turned on and instantly paired with a laptop or smartphone that was previously connected. Nice!

Final Words

For $49 true wireless earbuds, the Surge Mini can be a more reasonable choice compared to other brands that cost twice as much.

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