Audi AI:TRAIL: the great outdoors rolled into one

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Audi is not a brand known for its off-road vehicles, but at least the automaker is able to prove its work to continue to innovate even though it is still only a concept car.

Audi ‘AI: Trail’ is an all-terrain all-electric SUV in the future which is the fourth AI concept ever made – the concept of its predecessor series is called AI: Con, AI: Me, and AI: Race.

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Considering AI: Trail is only a concept, this SUV is not included in mass production but it will definitely be exhibited at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show and is the last series of the concept AI.

Just like the previous series, Audi carries the concept of offroad SUV with a length of 4015 mm which is shorter than the Audi Q2 but wider and taller than Audi’s compact crossover. AI: Trail has wider interior space as a result of the all-electric structure and two feature sections of the VW MEB and PPE platforms.

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Batteries located underneath can produce an output of 429 hp and 1,000Nm of torque which has a maximum range of 310 miles of asphalt roads and 155 miles of terrain, and a top speed of 81 mph which electronically limited.

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Electric motors on each wheel also contribute power. Taking into account the efficiency of the battery, when one wheel depends or does not stand, the quattro automatically stops the electric motor so that it does not need a differential or lock.

The growing quattro technology is very useful when the situation of vehicles passing through slippery lanes and minimal grip. The ability of power when used backward is also very large so as to give the driver confidence and of course without exhaust emissions.

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AI: Trail is built with a combination of high-tensile iron, aluminum, and carbon fiber with a total weight of 1,750kg. According to Marc Lichte, Audi design chief, the vehicle represents the unlimited potential of a brand.

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AI: TRAIL has a dimension of 4.15 meters long and 2.15 meters wide and 1.67 meters high. AI: Trail is designed in the form of a 22-inch monobox and exposed wheels and 33.5-inch tires that include sensor-controlled wind pressure which is tasked to adjust the quantity of air in the tire according to road surface conditions.

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Details poured on this car interpret the Audi design language in the future. One example of an inspired window design from a car that was produced in the 70s such as the Ferrari Modulo concept car and the Stratos show car, for example. With a window design like this, it makes sense to create a wider interior.

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As technology develops, it is hoped that the AI: Trail concept will be equipped with a level four autonomous self-driving system, which means the car is able to take over all driving functions under certain conditions but still allows the driver to choose to drive.

While electric cars are identical to instrument clusters that are much more minimalist, the driver is only equipped with information display in the steering wheel, smartphone holder and dashboard.

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As mentioned above, the wider interior offers extra storage areas at the front and rear, as well as separate compartments in the trunk for camper gear or outdoor gear. If needed, the two rear seats of the hammock can be detached.

Audi Ai Trail 17

The headlight is carrying the concept of five electric drones without a rotor which is equipped with LED matrix elements on the roofrack. The SUV concept features a new AUDI emblem on the tail, and not to forget the classic four-ring logo on the nose and alloy wheels.



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