Borgward ISABELLA Concept: Return of A Legend!

Borgward Isabella Concept 7

Isabella, a word that is synonymous with someone’s name. But for Borgward, the German car company, it was one of its models that had been produced in the period June 1954 to 1962. Until its reborn again in 2017.

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Borgward brought Isabella Concept. The main development goal for Isabella is the legendary reincarnation of the 1950s through the creation of characteristic design DNA as the future focus of the entire company.

Borgward Isabella Concept 9

Broadly speaking, the Isabella Concept is a four-door four-seat coupe with a design that is quite futuristic compared to the cars that exist today. The exterior design flows with a neat combination of blue and silver.

Borgward Isabella Concept 10

The sleek lines with curvaceous side elements give the confidence ahead and the combination of the Maserati Alfieri concept and the Porsche Panamera at the rear.

Borgward Isabella Concept 4

Two shades of this car disappear in the transition zone between the hood, windshield, the roof, and area near the rear window to the rear of the trunk with distinctive diamond-shaped graphics.

Borgward Isabella Concept 6

The absence of pillar B on Isabella let to the shape where this car does not have a door hinge in the middle. As a result, the concept car will adopt an open split door that opposes the front motion.

Borgward Isabella Concept 8

Inside the cockpit, there is a middle-angle touch screen mounted to form an infotainment system, impressed by the future. Isabella also blends elements of the contemporary and classical design beautifully – showing that everything fits perfectly.

Borgward Isabella Concept 2

Electronic eAWD controls and electric motors on the front and rear axles turn the Isabella Concept into an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a fully variable torque distribution system.

Borgward Isabella Concept 1

Two permanent magnet synchronous motors with integrated converters have a combined output of 220 kW or 300 hp, producing a maximum torque of 450 Nm. According to the driver’s wishes, sporty performance, and handling can be controlled at the highest level of efficiency.

Borgward Isabella Concept 5

As a result, the Borgward ISABELLA Concept can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and continues to push until it reaches the maximum speed of 250 km / h.

Borgward Isabella Concept 7


There is no information regarding the release date of the car but the Isabella Concept is reported to be entering the production line in the near future, and will first be available in Germany.

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