Toyota CONCEPT-i: More Than a Machine, It’s a Partner

Toyota Concept I 8

Toyota will begin incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) innovation into its street autos from 2020 and has reviewed how the frameworks function with another car concept.

Toyota Concept I 1

Unveiled at the Tokyo motor show, the four-seat Concept-i can assess its passenger’s wellbeing, mood, and personal preferences, before adjusting how it operates to better suit them.


AI Technology

Toyota Concept I 3

The car will take the shape of a four-door capsule-like car. As shown here, the front door moves up, with the pivot point seemingly at the center of the axle. The back door moves in an analogous way.

Toyota Concept I 8

At the core of the cutting-edge Toyota Concept-I configuration is the Yui. Made to convey a serious driver-vehicle relationship, Yui joins visual and haptic jolts to update correspondence in light of your responsiveness.

Toyota Concept I 6

This tech will screen your feeling, driving examples and calendars. With this world-class level of innovation available to you, the Toyota Concept-I will overview driver consideration and street conditions to increment computerized support to enhance security.



Toyota Concept I 4

The round frame situated on the IP just to one side of the directing wheel in this photograph is the “home” of Yui, that fills in as an aide to the driver and in addition to different drivers and walkers, as it can “move” both inside the vehicle and additionally to the outside surfaces.

Toyota Concept I 5

Note that the interior is clean, lacking the tablet-like screens that are proliferating in interiors, with information being projected from surfaces. All interior design features employ light, sound and touch elements to allow Yui to communicate vital information.

Toyota Concept I 2

Inside the Toyota Concept-i design, you will discover a brilliant array of colored lights in the footwell that indicate manual or automatic drive. Projectors integrated into the rear deck will project exterior views on the seat pillars to indicate blind spot traffic and a heads-up display will keep your eyes on the road.



Toyota Concept I 7

The brand intends to test the frameworks for use from the beginning of the following decade, recommending a portion of the innovation could make it to the showcase in the years to come.

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