Renault EZ-GO Robot Taxi Rethink The Concept of Social Responsible of Transportation

Renault Ez Go 2

When you consider and see all the car concept nowadays, the inescapable pictures that strike a chord are of overstated plans, illogical extents, and significantly liberal encounters.

Renault Ez Go 9

But Renault, an automaker that prides itself on making car that appropriates for all tastes and spending plans, has gone to the Geneva Motor Show with something by and large extraordinary: a robot taxi.

Renault Ez Go 8

Renault has taken a gander at everything going ahead in the portability circle nowadays and chose what the world extremely needs more than anything is the EZ-GO, a four-wheel, all-electric independent transportation case with a portcullis-like gadget united onto the front and a U-formed lounge chair inside.

Renault Ez Go 7

It’s a high-rooftop electric vehicle made explicitly for urban mobility. The substantial opening at the front is intended to give travelers a chance to enter and leave standing up while protected from different vehicles, perambulating people on foot, and cyclists.

Renault Ez Go 4

it’s a Level 4 self-sufficient urban EV with the best speed of “only” 30MPH. Six travelers enter through the monstrous front entryway and can see everything and be seen on account of enormous swaths of glass on the sides and rooftop.

Renault Ez Go 5

The EZ-GO might have low speed, yet it’s super cutting-edge vehicle. All the self-driving sensors, including radar, LiDAR, ultra sound and cameras are reserved in a reception apparatus on the back spoiler.

Renault Ez Go 6

Its tech would allow it to fit into traffic, change lanes, overtake other vehicles and turn at intersections. It can also move into a safe position if the system detects an incident or fault on the car itself.

Renault Ez Go 3

The self-driving EV has dynamic suspension that can deal with harsh city streets and raise or lower the car to suit travelers, alongside the four-wheel controlling system for better city mobility.

Renault Ez Go 1

To get to the EZ-GO, you would utilize an Uber-like application or board from exceptional urban stations. Renault plans to enhance such applications, in any case, by giving clients more decisions on how they ride.

Renault Ez Go 2

It’s an electric “robo-vehicle” that moves around the center of a smart connected city. It makes urban trips and the everyday life of this city’s users simpler. It’s a shared, multifunction mobility service. It’s EZ-GO.

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