Pininfarina H2 Speed: Energy of Nature in The Frame of High Performance

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It was revealed at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show, and it’s one lean, green supercar. The Pininfarina H2 Speed has moved from idea to generation with another, refreshed adaptation with just 12 car to be made.

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Its name is H2 Speed and it is Pininfarina’s innovative vision of a high-performance track car based on revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell technology already subjected to severe track testing by GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss company which has been designing, developing and producing clean, sustainable propulsion systems since 2008.

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The race car was exhibited as the cleanest ever. Despite the fact that Pininfarina gave the style, GreenGT built the two zero-emanation electric engines controlled by two hydrogen power modules.

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The back wheel-drive race car had 503 strength at 13,000 rpm which could impel the car to 62 mph in only 3.4 seconds, with the best speed of 186 mph.

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Since the power was provided to the back wheels straightforwardly, the car id not require a conventional transmission and had no clutch or gears. The body lines-positively smooth took into consideration to simple get the car into the best speed.

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As electricity eventually replaces gasoline in motorsports, GreenGT sees hydrogen fuel cells being advantageous over batteries as they allow quick refueling times compared to lengthy charging.

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As far as the style, the front end has two extensive horizontally found radiators, which cool the whole energy component square has been held from the idea alongside everything else in the focal part. The sidelong admissions are broadened however on the back motor cap which opens in two by a vertical partition.

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On the inside, all the elements are made of carbon fiber, except the design of the dashboard, which is divided into three elements. The central one houses the instrumentation on board and is connected to two ‘ears’ saddled on the door panels that integrate the handles.


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Two years after it was first presented. Pininfarina has exhibited its refreshed design. The automaker is required to create models just for track, fabricated utilizing the LMP2 race car suspension and a GreenGT powertrain.

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The cars are created for gentlemen who are environmentally minded, and who love performance and speed when driving. The price, which is yet to be determined, was previously thought to be in the range of $2.5 million.

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