Robomarts: The World’s First Self-Driving Store

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According to the development of groceries business, Robomart comes as a fleet of on-demand and the self-driving stores for retails to give the best affordable delivery services to the world. Robomart becomes the world’s first self-driving store with the best technology ever. The electric vehicles are friendly to the environment and it is also completed with the awesome fleet management system.


Autonomous Driverless Stores

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It is kind of expensive for retail to pick and deliver the groceries to a human. That’s why Robomart come with its self-driving store’s style for retail to have a big power by getting the most affordable delivery services on-demand around the world.


How It Works

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The consumer just needs to tap the button for requesting the closest Robomart to come. When it arrives right in front of the consumer’s door, they can unlock the door and start to shop all things that they need. After they done, they just need to close the Robomart’s dor and send it away. This self-driving store will track the things that every consumer has taken with the high patent pending grab and go checkout free technology then send them a receipt.



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Robomarts is completely autonomous without any driver. The patent-pending technology allows this robot to have fully autonomous grocery shopping activities easily. The vehicle is friendly to the environment with the green footprint too. It is also designed with a complete wireless EV charging. The cameras are used for the navigation, signals, lane switching, signs, and also teleoperations.

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Grab and go sensor technology is designed on the Robomart door. The lidar on it is the obstacle avoidance with the best localization and precision. The autonomy of Robomart is completed with the CAN motion control, HD mapping, sensor fusion, and also path planning. Robomarts is made with the wireless charging system with a long-range tracking of radar and an electric powertrain.



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The door frame of Robomart is about 95.5 inches with 126.5 inches wheelbase, 166 inches in length and 30 inches of the rim. The wheels come in black color design and the whole body is dominated by white color complete with the Robomarts name on it.

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The width of Robomarts is about 47 inches on the top part of the body. The height is about 75 inches and the width of the base is 88 inches. The different number of the top and base part is caused by the additional length of the wheels.



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Robomarts is designed with the refrigeration system, insulation, and also cols plates for the cooling system. The interior is full of stadium-style shelves with 70 ft3 cubic volume. The shelves are enough to put vegetables and fruits for the consumers.



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There are so many benefits that retailers can get when they use Robomart. Besides the affordable benefit, Robomart also will give retailers an access to the fleet management system. Retailers can manage the restocking the orders and the routing easily.

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