Dressy and Sharp Pocket Square Knife from Gerber

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 4

A pocket square is identical with the old school class. When a man has it in his pocket, he will feel that he is the most gentleman ever. If you feel the same way, then all you need is Gerber Pocket Square Knife in your hand. This cool pocket square knife is really dressy and sharp. With the clean and sleek design, this pocket square knife will not make you look like a gentleman but also give you an easy knife to be used.


Ambidextrous Thumb Lift

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 7

Gerber Pocket Square Knife is designed with a flexible style with the ambidextrous thumb lift for you who able to use both left and right hands well. It is also designed with friendly for your hand too so it is very comfortable when you hold it.


Reversible and Removable Pocket Clip

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 6

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 5

The whole design of Gerber Pocket Square Knife is simple but still stylish. The pocket clip with its perfect length is reversible and also removable. That means this pocket square knife is flexible and easy to be used.



Gerber Pocket Square Knife 4

The total length of this pocket square knife is 6 3/4 inches when you open the knife from its pocket. This total length is already perfect for a pocket square knife, not too big or too small. It fits perfectly in every gentleman’s hands and pant’s pocket.


Liner Lock

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 3

The liner lock of Gerber Pocket Square Knife is designed well to keep the knife save. The knife will not come out easily with that line lock, even when you put it in a pocket.


Blade Length

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 2

The blade length if the knife is locked is 3 inches. The machined aluminum handle is designed and paired with the 3 inches of drop point blade. This blade length is the best length for a pocket square knife.


Machined Aluminum Handle

Gerber Pocket Square Knife 1

The machined aluminum handle is not only giving you a firm shape to hold but also making your fashion more awesome with the design style. This material handle type is the best type by Gerber.

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