The James Brand: Knives and Tools to Get the Job Done

The James Brand 2

The knives and tools from the James Brand will be the best choice for you to get your job done well. The tools and the knives are not only easy to be used but also designed with a modern and minimalist design. It makes you easy to carry every day. Here are the James Brand products for your easy job done.

Knives and Tools

The James Brand 1

The Knives and Tools from the James Brand consist of 5 different types with all best functions. There are the Chapter, the Elko, the County, the Folsom, and the Halifax. All of them are designed with a minimalist form with a maximum function for all your needs.


The Carry

The James Brand 3

The Carry will help you to carry all the essentials tools that you have. It is simple and also modern. The design offers an easy way to use when you put on and take off the tools. The Carry is available in three different products, they are the Mehlville, the Ulu, and the Hook.



The James Brand 2

Collections allow you to have some knives and tools in a group and mix them up. Titanium consist of 3 best knives from the James Band, James x ROAM is a limited edition of a collaboration with Travis Rice and Roam, James x Salomon is also a limited edition in collaboration with Salomon Snowboards, and the last is James X Discommon, original knife with a cool handle design.

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