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CRKT Provoke 6

Folding knife has now gone a long way in terms of marketing where many users now choose it because of the helping factor in eliminating many obstacles in daily life. But the folding knife is not only about knives but also its multifunctional uses that attract many people.

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The American company CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) is one of many brands that saw this opportunity but instead of focusing solely on multifunctional knives, the Oregon based company also released a tough folding knife called Provoke.

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Provoke uses military-grade aluminum handles with the concept of mimicking an old style karambit knife. It is very strong and lightweight as the designer Joe Caswell wanted. This folding knife utilizes an innovation called Kinematic which is capable of removing knives quickly. Provoke has a length of 61.21 mm. So it’s not too long or short.

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The mobility of Provoke makes it able to be placed in the pocket or backpack. The knife part uses D2 iron which is famous for being strong and with Titanium additives so it is free of rust. The blade has a thickness of only 5.31 mm, making it very sharp while the weight of this knife is no more than 172 grams.

To open the knife, squeeze the aluminum chassis and the two pivoting arms move, unfolding the blade and locking it into place. Lift the tab at the back to unlock the blades.

CRKT Provoke 6


  • Blade Length 2.41″ (61.21 mm)
  • Blade Edge Plain
  • Blade Thickness 0.209″ (5.31 mm)
  • Closed Length 4.96″ (125.98 mm)
  • Weight 6.1 oz
  • Style Folding Knife w/Kinema


CRKT Provoke

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