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Tack – Handmade Wallet Knife

TACK is an acronym for Titanium – Anywhere Card Knife which is built in Boston, USA. There’s a considerable measure of card-based compose instruments out there that are all the more an oddity and not extremely valuable.

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This knife was intended to be as thin and light as could be expected under the circumstances, without trading off auxiliary trustworthiness. The knife-maker needed to make TACK reasonable and practical while being appropriate for consistently convey.

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TACK is built in the USA from 5 titanium (6AL-4V). The titanium was chosen on the grounds that its ultra-lightweight, twice as solid as steel, hostile to destructive, and rust evidence.

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TACK Specs: 

  • Weight: Approximately .5 oz
  • Materials: 6AL4V Titanium (Standard Titanium Model) or US Sourced 6AL4V Titanium & Carbon Fiber (Limited Edition)
  • Size: 2″ x 3.25″ x .060″-.080″ (50mm x 80mm x 1.2mm)
  • Approximately the thickness of two credit cards (Std. Titanium Version)

Titanium TRAK

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TRAK is a patent pending, titanium knife designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, regardless of conditions or environment. TRAK was originally created to be used as a backup dive knife for commercial divers entangled in fishing lines.

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Whatever nature provides, TRAK can deal with it! We found that TRAK not just proved to be useful in a marine domain, yet ended up wearing it on our every day runs. With TRAK, you’re never alone.

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What makes TRAK extraordinary is that you only need to put your forefinger in the maintenance opening and wrap your thumb and center finger around it. This makes dropping or having TRAK slip out of your hands for all intents and purposes is an unimaginable thought.


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Z-FiNit super steel is a high nitrogen, alloyed apparatus steel. Otherwise called Cronidur 30, however, it also capped with the expansion of LC200N, which is utilized in numerous blades.

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Z-FiNit is utilized by NASA for its amazing wear opposition in metal rollers and other basic segments. Z-FiNit makes a fantastic blade material for its obstruction, hardness, and in general simplicity of honing Z-FiNit will be solidified to 59HRC for TRAK.

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Z-FiNit has been utilized by a significant number of the blade producers around the globe and has demonstrated to influence an astounding blade to steel for its capacity to withstand consumption superior to anything most blade steels, and in addition, its edge holding qualities.

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