Letter-Based Clock (LetB Clock): The Simple and Unique Way to Know The Time

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In a harsh world, the human is the slave of time but to some, time is an essential partner in their daily lives. The way we interact with time is presented in an analog way until the digital clock comes mainstream in the early millennium. Nowadays there is a lot of path to presents the time and LetB is standing on the whole new level of groundbreaking style.

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Presenting LetB, a letter-based clock that enables you to see the time in an altogether different way. LetB is standing for Letter Based Clock. A cool new item with a to a great degree straightforward design enabling it to be adaptable to any occasions.


Two Types!

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The man behind the virtuoso development, Mechanical Engineering understudy Olek, has made two sorts of the LetB clock: basic and professional. Basic is the standard clock for those who need to settle on straightforwardness. Pro version is for those of you into advancement, as it tends to be controlled through your telephone.


WOW! It Can Speak to You! 

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LetB Color can read the time for you! You can choose the way and how frequently it will reveal to you. It isn’t just simple to read time yet, in addition, you can have it reads the time for you.


Versatility in The Max

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Its straightforwardness makes LetB greatly adaptable to any condition. There are two casing accessible for the clock that you may pick as per your requirements. LetB Color is offered with RGB backdrop illumination meaning you can modify its shading the manner in which you need whenever you need with a versatile application.


The Right Watch for The Modern People

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LetB is for individuals deciding on the primary spot of clear induced lives. It includes a simple clock with a white backdrop illumination. Both versions include Real Time Clock Module for the best time accuracy and advanced electronics with an ability of a software update.


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  • Auto-brightness to change backlight accordingly to conditions around
  • Backlight color change – choose any you want any time or set automatic transitions
  • Ability to read the time! – get notified about time with a pleasant voice
  • Mobile app – thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity you can control it remotely with your phone to set time, change brightness, speaking options, backlight color and set an alarm.
  • Alarm – easily set a reminder.


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