Hitch Hotel: The Ever Ready Wheel-less Trailer

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Time to unwind from the usual hectic life, you and your family is going on a picnic outdoor, camping is not an option due to circumstances, the budget is also quite small to rent the usual trailer, so will you cancel the trip? Don’t! The Hitch Hotel maker might have the perfect solution for you.

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So, what is the Hitch Hotel? The Hitch Hotel is the “World’s First Expandable Wheel-less Trailer” It’s supported by a vehicle’s trailer hitch and does not require wheels to transport it to its destination.



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The Hitch Hotel is planned in view of convenience. While venturing out to your goal, it is a protected stockpiling box. When you touch base on your destination, just a couple of steps are required to prepare the rest.


To start with, utilize the lift framework so the customizable legs can be collapsed out and secured. With the front legs on the ground, essentially open and maneuver the Hitch Hotel into its vacant position easily.

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The second arrangement of legs in the back folds out to help the trailer, and your Hitch Hotel is prepared! Detach it from your vehicle upon your need and let it stay at the campground.

Everywhere Anywhere

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In its closed position, the Hitch Hotel can give more than 60 cubic feet of anchored, watertight space. Bikes, fridges, baggage, merchandise, all can be transported securely in it.

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In its vacant position, the Hitch Hotel™ turns into an RV that gives more than 135 cubic feet of room. Two full-size grown-ups can easily rest inside the Hitch Hotel. No more reservations, tents, awkward RVs, or DMV limitations – simply drive, slide out and enjoy.


Discover The Possibilities

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Made for those who loves camping and outdoor activities, the Hitch Hotel hitches to any vehicle with a base Class 2 hitch and will go the extent that you’re willing to take it. Sans wheel and completely suspended off the ground, it is intended to give you a sheltered and streamlined place to call home wherever you are.

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