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Please welcome Nobe Cars, a three-wheeled excellence that may very well be your next urban evasion. The Nobe 100  is an electric trike from Estonia that looks retro and feels modern in the meantime.

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With a tasteful that is certainly exemplary and a viewpoint that is present day, eco-accommodating, and absolute smart, the Nobe 100 is produced using 100% reusable or recyclable parts, delivers no air contamination by any stretch of the imagination, houses upgradable innovation to improve vehicle lifespan, decentralizes the creation procedure and suits three individuals yet benefits us less street space than a normal car.


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With a longing to change individuals’ recognition and driving propensities by conveying an electric auto that brags both a la mode feel, and an immortal and economical plan, Nobe Cars may very well be set to reform the business.

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In the front, the grille looks somewhat like vintage Alfa Romeos. The decreasing last parts in a smooth single-bar taillamp, while thin whitewall tires add to the general vintage look and feel.

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The back quarter windows and nursery profile kind of reminding us of the classic European cars from the late 50’s to mid 60’s and from over the tail-hauling three-wheel design.

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For the first time ever, an automaker is offering a car which highlights and innovation is reason worked to be redesigned piece by piece to endure forever. Thus, when you are prepared to update, you basically supplant and reuse pieces, so in this way improving the vehicle’s life expectancy.



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The proposed specs on the NOBE are that its electric, making 45 kW, or 60 pull while the range is focused at 160 km or 100 miles. In fact, it’s a fascinating three-wheeler since it’s all-wheel drive, so one motor will move one wheel.

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A similar feel conveys into the moderate lodge, where the driver is welcomed by a huge thin-rimmed controlling wheel that appears as though it could have been taken from a 1950s-period Mercedes. Inside, there is space for two travelers in the front and one on the back seat. Confronting the driver are two primary measures, including a speedometer that peruses up to 100 kilometers per hour (around 60 mph) with a dial coordinated into it, demonstrating amps and electric range.


Classic with Class

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The Nobe 100 may look retro, however, it is altogether a present-day car in a few regards. The Estonian automaker says it is “fully connected” and “designed as autonomous ready.” The price you have to pay to take home the Nobe 100 would be around $34,000. Sales are planned to start in 2020.

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