DMC DeLorean: A Contemporary Conceptual Design of DeLorean Classic Car

DMC DeLorean 1

Return to the Future is a favorite movie of Adam Graszk. He starts to imagine how the classic car in the movie, DeLorean, will look like these days. With his profession as a designer, he starts to create a DMC DeLorean conceptual project design in 2010 for this classic car.


DMC DeLorean 5

Adam Graszk comes back to his first sketch of this classic car in 2009. He tries to focus on the other features that this car may need. In this project, he doesn’t use the DeLorean original door which is very iconic in the movie. He makes it different.



DMC DeLorean 1

DMC DeLorean 3

The conceptual design that Adam Graszk made is about creating a new contemporary car design based on the old movie. His design comes with a grey metal color for the outside view. For the interior. he tries to combine orange and black color into one.



DMC DeLorean 4

DMC DeLorean 6

DMC DeLorean 2

Another important concept of this DMC DeLorean project is surely about the car’s doors. This conceptual project shows how the car’s doors can be operated by pushing them up to the front side. It is a little bit different from the original car in the movie when the car’s doors need to be pushed up upwards completely.

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