Lexus LF-SA Concept: A New Vision

Lexus Lf Sa Concept 5

Lexus officially introduced the LF-SA at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, an ultra-compact concept car that provides guidance on the form of small-sized production vehicles in the future. The automaker believes that the future of the city car will be compact and also swift, so they get on their feet to secure the production of this concept as soon as possible.

Lexus Lf Sa Concept 3

The concept car designed at Toyota Europe Design Development Studio in France has a sturdy exterior design and driver-focused interior as an interpretation of the Lexus’ design philosophy.


Lexus Lf Sa Concept 5

Its small dimensions – 3,450 mm long, 1,700 mm wide and 1,430 mm high – push decide Lexus to categorize the car as the “ultra-compact sub-B-segment” which has been designed to perform an agile maneuver in the city.

Lexus Lf Sa Concept 6

The body shape of the Lexus LF-SA is filled with sharp angles and curves that produce different shadows, depending on the angle of view and direction of light. Followed by the shape of the grill and alloy wheels that are similar to the body of the car as a whole, making the concept car look fierce and futuristic.

Lexus Lf Sa Concept 7

Three-dimensional impressions on the car emanated from what Toyota’s luxury manufacturer called the Spindle Grille. A muscular fender gives the car a little masculine impression. The main headlights with a distinctive Lexus L-Shape design become a beautiful view on the front face with a unique LED stop lamp shape in the stern.


Lexus Lf Sa Concept 4

On the inside, Lexus LF-SA has a sweeping dashboard that is claimed to be able to create a sleek interior impression. Everything is focused on the driver, where the seat, steering and pedal can be adjusted to the position desired by the driver.

Lexus Lf Sa Concept 2

In addition, the dashboard also features a crystal instrument panel with a hologram screen and a heads-up screen with a touchpad on the center console. While access to the rear seats can be done by sliding the front seat.

The Leader of City Car

Lexus Lf Sa Concept 1

No word on regardless of whether the Lexus LF-SA will see the production line but with all the extravagance automakers headed down the smaller hybrid street – we wouldn’t question the possibility of this concept car hitting streets in a couple of years.


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