Jet-Hot Double Down: The Most Incredible Hotrod

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Brian Fuller is a man of excellent ability and vision and under the name of Fuller Moto, he is bringing out feelings in beaten metal folded over outdated mechanicals. For him and his peers, working with metal is a greater amount of an enterprise as opposed to work.

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It is here that they take their abilities to the level of craftsmanship by making moving shapes that tend to disagree with whatever else that you may see generally.

This time, Fuller Moto assembled the phenomenal AWD 825 torque behemoth in 2013 for Jet-Hot Coatings, and it relatively broke the web when its pictures started to rise up out of its SEMA corner.

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This all-wheel-drive exemplary ’32 Ford Roadster has a major cast Winter’s fast change in the front; a free back unit is produced using the respected Sprint Car round models.


First of Its Kind

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Without any sketch to pass by – since the main all-wheel-drive Deuce known was the QuadraDeuce – the arrangement was to influence a custom billet to exchange case on the back of the ring and pinion, before the mammoth Boss engine.

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To make room, a shorter LS-style nose was machined on the wrench, and just a single little belt for the alternator could be fitted. The flying machine quality development incorporates an all-Indy-style pushrod suspension, which required moving the Griffin radiator to the back.

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Jet-Hot had stipulated that the Double Down should be capable of drag racing, autocross, road racing, and possibly a trip to the Bonneville salt flats for a proper top speed run.


Move Out! The Mammoth is Here!

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The all-wheel make machine includes a crazy 576 cubic inch (9.4-liter) normally suctioned V8 that is fit for creating a similarly crazy 825 hp. To guarantee that all that power is exchanged adequately to the landing area, Fuller Moto fitted Real Racing aluminum wheels couple with 14-inch wide hustling slicks from Goodyear.

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Front coilovers and back stuns are RideTech. With all-wheel drive and an unprecedented capacity to-weight proportion, 0-60 speed is incredible.

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It’s more than just another Hot Rod you have ever seen out there, every part and detail of this car is crafted with care and full of consideration. If you’d like to bid on the Jet-Hot Double Down it’ll be rolling across the auction block with Barrett-Jackson. And with the estimated price of $150,000, it is a worthy once in a lifetime car.

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