1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 – The Freeborn Red

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 7

As the classic models get their new life by getting on the modification and rebuilding process, one particular car has been taking the stage. The 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser will always be the one to look. With that built and stature, it’s hard to deny the cool vibe of this auto.

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 8

A former farm truck becomes the inspiration for this cool conventional ride, built for short sprints around town and the occasional toll road pressure.



1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 7

The stunning appearance of this Land Cruiser with its custom matte complete and traditional red as the points of interest will undoubtedly have a committed the like of the owner.

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 6

Appearance beyond this ambitious end, and also you’ll discover a Land Cruiser rebuilt inside the spirit of the authentic, with the same iconic grille and badging, classic louvers and exposed bolts.

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 5

Customary sheet steel driving on four 33-inch tires will go to wherever the wind takes you. The overall finish was sleek and classy.



1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 4

It’s a ride by means of memory path that every aficionado yearns to take, one made all the more secure with custom leather upholstery and lumbar support.

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 2

It’s a cabin that makes you long for the nostalgia of the past, while modern amenities summon up the perfect temperature and your favorite playlists, without breaking the spell.



1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 1

Take a glance underneath the hood, and you’ll discover the fuel infused Toyota 1FZ, a 210-hp motor with that cool great sound that will gnaw every time.

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 3

In order to make this 4×4 more secure and additional casual to weight, capacities like a five-speed manual transmission, old man Emu suspension, the front circle brakes, and predominant power controlling is installed to geve the perfect execution and stability for the car.


One Freeborn Ride

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj43 9

Get behind the wheel of this classic Land Cruiser to experience premium handcrafted details and classic controls of the real 4×4.

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