RUF R56.11: Personal Dream Car by Alois Ruf

Ruf R56 11 3

Ruf Automobile is a German producer that has been remodified Porsches in the quest for speed and style since 1975. As of late, Ruf revealed its most recent creation under its cutting edge great line; the R56.11, which joins the personal character of the exemplary Porsche 356 and the wonderful capacities of the 911.

Ruf R56 11 3

Alois Ruf chose to assemble his own fantasy car, the R56.11. By specialists, it is recognized as Carrera 2 yet in the engine, it is very surprising. It not exclusively can stay aware of the mid 911s, it even can surpass a 911 S in longitudinal and horizontal dynamic properties.

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The cozy character of the great Porsche 356 and the eminent dealing with capacities of the 911 are mixed in this uncommon Ruf sportscar. The suspension, brakes and directing are gotten from the 911 while the drivetrain is an amalgam of the two models.

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The 5-speed gearbox of the first generation 911 with its sporty knife-through-butter shift pattern– the dog-leg first gear at lower left – serves to enhance the driving experience.

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The 4 air-cooled engine looks back to the 356 and 911 and is designed with two overhead camshafts, while cylinders, chambers, and cylinder heads are gotten from the air-cooled 911 programme. In a rundown, it’s a 911 motor that is dispossessed of its two central cylinders.

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The intake sound of the pair of twin downdraft carburetors, the soaring revs, the extraordinary power available from such a light vehicle, its precise steering, unwavering disc brakes – and the vibe and ambiance of the classic 356.

Ruf R56 11 9

Throughout the years, the folks at Ruf have reestablished or changed for all intents and purposes each adaptation of Porsche created, making them as qualified as their partners in Stuttgart.

Ruf R56 11 1

Ruf has even been included with Panameras and Cayennes that drink from the dark tap at a fuel station, offering power increment bundles for them. With respect to the sportier models, there is a plenty of execution embellishments Ruf can offer, all sorted on their site here.


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