Tesla: A High-Capacity Energy Source for Modern Nomads

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If you love to have a holiday with camper-style vacationing, you need Tesla. Tesla is a transportable energy source for your awesome holiday. This product is made for modern nomads who need a remote energy which is easy to be used. Tesla is designed by Mònica Font, Victor Martínez, Pere Serrat, and Arnau Donasi from Yanko Design with a high-capacity energy storage for your tiny houses on the wheels.


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Tesla is designed with the best technology ever. This energy source has a battery module, an easy handle for your transportation, integrated charger, power strip module, electro-magnetic connectors, battery level indicator LEDs, 2 USB 3.0 fast-charge ports, and also ventilation for a better position.


One for All

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Tesla is an energy source for all things in your tiny dwellings on the wheels. If you charge it fully, you can use it for many things such as refrigerator, TV, computer, oven, lamp, and many more. You don’t need to worry about your energy reserves when you are on a holiday.


Battery Modules

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Tesla has safely removed battery modules at any time. You can remove the battery when you need to charge it. You can also swap the battery put easily. This design style of the battery will make sure that you will have enough energy source.


Three Different Modules

Tesla 6

Tesla 4

Tesla consist of three different modules, they are the core, the power strips, and also the batteries. Those modules can be combined in one with an awesome technology to give you an amazing energy source like Tesla.


Plug-and-Play System

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Tesla 5

You don’t need any big installation for the plug-and-play system. This system can be connected to give you the best power for all of your things like cooking appliances, electronics, and the climate control for your comfort.


Solar Panels Connection

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The modules of Tesla can be connected to the portable solar panels and they also can be recharged with 220V of power. This awesome way surely will give you the best extended-stay trips with your family wherever you are.

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