Halo: The Best Solar Light & Power Supply for All Your Adventures

Halo Power Bank 7

In the modern era, everyone has a smartphone. And this is a proof that technology is going fast forward. There is a lot of new technology release every single day and every year. Technology helps people in their life.

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Especially Smartphone. To support this technology, a lot of developer release an accessory. One of this accessory is Power Bank. ChargeLabs release a new power bank technology, Halo. This power bank uses a solar power to charge electronic devices. And it’s easy to use.



Halo Power Bank 5

Halo has a compact design with a lot of features. This power bank uses a solar power system to recharge the battery and other electronic devices. Halo IP65 has a luxurious design with Black and White Color. In the center, you will see the LED and Solar Panel. This panel will take a power from the sun.

Halo Power Bank 6

Halo much more useful. Besides the solar panel, in this Halo provide waterproof packaging and durability. This power bank will help you to charge a smartphone and any other electronic devices.



Halo Power Bank 4

Halo has a 20,000 mAh battery. This solar panel power bank also has a flashlight. It will help you if you go to adventure. You can bring this power bank to camping, hiking, and any outdoor activities.

Halo Power Bank 7

With this 20,000 mAh, Halo can fully charge iPhone for 7 times. And it can fully charge Go Pro Camera for 16 times at one charge. That’s incredible. Halo doesn’t need a cable to recharge. Because in this power bank, there a solar panel. This panel will help recharge the power bank.


Everywhere, Everytime

Halo Power Bank 3

Halo provides Qi Wireless Charging. You can charge your phones, Go Pro Camera, or Music Player without Cable. But Halo provides a cable too. Halo can charge 4 electronic devices at Once. Three Quick Charge Outputs and 1 wireless output. You can get this power bank only $129 until November 2018.

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