Readme: A Modern Magazine Rack and Hanging Portable Bookshelf

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Crowdyhouse has an interesting product for you called Readme. Readme is a modern magazine rack and hanging portable bookshelf for your home. It has a unique design that comes from the experts. It is not only portable but also foldable that you can hang anywhere. With Readme, you can keep your favorite books well. It is also perfect to be a magazine rack in every room of your house.


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You can use Readme for all things, such as books, magazine, recipe books in your kitchen, brochures, catalogs, and much more. Sometimes, it will be easier to hang them on with a hanger like this one. You will find them easily and also put them back easily.


Kid’s Reminder

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Readme will be a perfect thing too if you use it for your kids. You can make it as a good reminder for them to do their school homework. All you need is just hanging this rack on the wall of their bedroom so they will see it immediately.


Simple and Stylish

Readme 4

Readme is a simple rack that you can use in any room. It will not take too many spaces in your room wall. It looks simple but also stylish. You will have an adorable decoration for your room wall as well besides its function as a storage.


Hand Curving Wood

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Crowdyhouse designs this awesome rack by hand curving wood. The wood is sanded by hand to get the best finish. They also use a natural wax to protect the wood and also its fibers. The result makes Readme has a good durability ever.



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Readme has 0.5 kg in weight with 25 cm x 7 cm x 25 cm for the dimensions. The main material of this rack is plywood. If you buy Readme, you will also get 30-day returns service and buyer protection of this product.

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