1957 Porsche 550 A: The Classic Pivot That Boost The Brand

1957 Porsche 550 A 4

The Porsche 550 A turned out in 1956 as a successor to Porsche’s first racing auto, the 550 Spyder. Varying in development, the 550 A had a full tube spaceframe which made it lighter than the 550 Spyder.

1957 Porsche 550 A 9

The mix of a lightweight body that weighed a little more than 540kg and a 135 torque motor, the Porsche 550 A was fit for a plant asserted 150mph, in 1956. This lightweight development, the capacity to weight proportion and a wonderful setup case implied that the 550 A would conflict with significantly greater machines and still turn out triumphant on the opposite side.

1957 Porsche 550 A 7

The Porsche 550A Spyder has a very much earned notoriety for being a giant killer – it went up against and conveniently vanquished unmistakably intense car including any semblance of the 3-liter Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and Maserati 300S, and the all great 3.5 liters Ferrari 860 Monza.

1957 Porsche 550 A 3

The Porsche 550 Spyder and its successor the Porsche 550A were produced by the marque in the mid-1950s particularly for racing. The prior 550 was released in 1953.


1957 Porsche 550 A 6

The Type 550/550 A is powered by an all aluminum 1,498 cc naturally aspirated air-cooled 4 cylinder boxer engine known as the “Fuhrmann Engine”.It uses four camshafts (two on each side) driven by vertical shafts, so the valvetrain configuration is DOHC with 2 valves per cylinder, equipped with twin 2-barrel Solex PJJ carburetors and dual ignition with two separate ignition manifolds.

1957 Porsche 550 A 1

The engine of the 550 is mounted in front of the rear axle making it mid-engined. This gives it a more balanced weight distribution and allows for largely neutral handling.


1957 Porsche 550 A 2

The interior design on this classic cars is preserved as the original choice, and with the little mix and match on the leather choice. The once award-winning racing car is meeting the new calfskin arrangement that took cabin to become much more comfortable.

1957 Porsche 550 A 5

The two seated car might not have much space, but the overall feel of the champions is sticking out very much from almost every aspect of the car. The owner refurnishing the dashboard with its original shape.

One of a Kind

1957 Porsche 550 A 8

Porsche 550 A is one of the cars that build the foundation of Porsche as one of the top brands today, the car is also not circulating anymore since the production was stopped in 1965, but you can still probably get your hand on one if you are lucky enough.

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