The Speedvagen GTFO: Transformation of Ready Made Bike

The Speedvagen Gtfo 8

On the off chance that you crave getting away from present-day repetitiveness and abandoning regular daily existence, there is no better method to move and see the world than on a bicycle. Portland-based workshop Speedvagen has uncovered the amazing GTFO Bike, their most capable, and versatile bike to date.

The Speedvagen Gtfo 8

Built in America, this single speed bicycle is completely decked out with Maxis Refuse 650b x 50c tires, Rodeo Labs Spork 1.2, XT/Ultegra brakes, a Oner Eccentric base section made by White Industries and a quality Speedvagen outline coordinated seat pole.



The Speedvagen Gtfo 8

Produced using the most recent innovation, the new steel is to conventional steel what a Tesla is to a 60’s Ford. Speedvagen tubes are 4-6 times more grounded than the tubing individuals normally connect with a steel bicycle. Since it’s more grounded, it can be made lighter, bringing about a Speedvagen as light as 6kgs in weight.



The Speedvagen Gtfo 7

Carbon, bottle confine mounts as an afterthought, interior dynamo and brake directing, huge freedom, the Spork ticked all the containers for what the company was searching for in a fork. To such an extent that it comes standard on all models.

The Speedvagen Gtfo 6

The bikemaker banded together with two of the top choices sack producers for the GTFO. Andrew The Maker for the fork mount sacks and edge pack and Porcelain Rocket for the seat sacks. Accessible in either Black or MultiCam.

The Speedvagen Gtfo 4

Each GTFO has removable cable stops along the bottom of the down tube just in case you want to mix things up. The company will let the owner of these bikes the freedom to add an add-on features in building up the ultimate GTFO.


It’s About Getting There

The Speedvagen Gtfo 5

The GTFO is tied with the concept of getting out there, but on the other hand, it is also pushing in with a somewhat unique manner. Single paces are basic, simple to oversee, and with the utilization of a rigging brace and EBB changing out that opinion, the bike is definitely and truly yours.

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