BMW i8 Roadster: The Future is Yours to Drive

Bmw I8 Roadster 4

The BMW i8 Roadster is cutting edge directly down to the last detail. Its forcing lightweight carbon-fiber dihedral entryways are consolidated consummately with the select all-electric delicate best rooftop for greatest impact.

In addition, the noteworthy streamflow outline, which streamlines wind current and makes the remarkable optimal design, gives you all that you have to set you free.

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An advancing heritage. The first-since forever BMW i8 Roadster is the most recent – and most progressive – of BMW’s long queue of open-top two-seater cruisers. Conveying the execution of a sports car, the productivity of an electric vehicle, the i8 Roadster is an envoy without bounds


Bmw I8 Roadster 4

With their exact lines and clearing outlines, scissor entryways and streamflow configuration, long wheelbases and short shades, the i8 models have all the earmarks of being flooding forward notwithstanding when stopping.

Streamlined magnificence is improved by lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic development – a progressive and maintainable material that is similarly as solid as steel.


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BMW i8 models draw their progressive power from the electric engine in the engine. A TwinPower Turbo gas motor situated over the back pivot includes extra strength while flawlessly adjusting the Roadster with close impeccable 50-50 weight conveyance.

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They don’t simply look quick. With the electric engine and ignition motor giving an aggregate yield of 369hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, the i8 Roadster more than satisfy the brandishing legacy of BMW – blowing through 0-60mph in as meager as 4.2 seconds.


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Excellence is more than shallow. The effectively outlined interior design of the i8 models is the ideal blends of energy and solace. The upholstery choices and the most recent driving innovation keep you easily in charge.

BMW i8 models are upholstered in the best leather – including accessible E-Copper Leather Exclusive with Cloth accentuator – and highlight the solace of standard Heated front seats.


Bmw I8 Roadster 3

BMW i8 models are perfectly designed to derive maximum performance from a high-performance hybrid drive system. The lightweight two-piece structure – a comfortable cabin in the Life Module and an advanced chassis in the Drive Module – set the i8 Roadster on the cutting edge of automotive design.

Bmw I8 Roadster 7

These innovative plug-in hybrid cars enable you to repurpose vitality while driving, so you can reestablish battery control in a hurry. Need to boost your charging proficiency? Catalyst with a Level 2 charger introduced at home – or at one of 44,000+ open charging stations – in as meager as three hours.


The Symbol of Development

Bmw I8 Roadster 2

The first-historically speaking BMW i8 roadster is the symbols of advance. These inventive module half and half vehicles speak to the eventual fate of electric versatility – while catching the great feelings of opportunity and invigoration anticipated from a BMW. The automaker will charge you £124,730 for an i8 Roadster, it’s an auto that has no immediate opponents, so the cost is just about right.

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