BMW X7 SAV: With Unrivaled Power Comes the Euphoria of Existing

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After all this time BMW showed off the concept figure of the BMW X7, the production version has also appeared, at last. And voila, surprisingly the production version is not too far from the design with the concept version introduced earlier.

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The X7 model is designed with innovative design, spacious cabin space and prioritizes driving comfort. This can be proven with a quick glance at the cabin atmosphere that is designed quite exclusively and armed with innovative features.

Modern impressions combined with the typical masculine aura of SUV, clearly emanated from the silhouette of the exterior body of the BMW X7 2019. This car has a different character from the other BMW X family. It can even be considered that the BMW X7 has its own characteristics that seem to give a new color from the competitor SUV in its class.

Overall, the front side still follows the BMW-esque, with adaptive LED lights, front bumper that looks firm and sturdy, silver skid plate, chrome garnish, and muscular hood. Moving to the side, BMW pinned 21-inch alloy wheels that are quite sporty, with side skirts that are shiny though not tacky, chrome that frames the window, with the roof rail on the upper side. Moving to the back side, it can be seen that the taillights of the BMW X7 are made flatter and wider.

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Entering the inside, the interior is simple, yet luxurious and also modern. The majority of the interior of this car is covered in bright colors, perhaps so as to create an impression of relief. The infotainment system screen in the BMW X7 looks like it connects to the instrument panel, even though it’s not. Brightly colored wood accents combined with aluminum brushes plus white leather make a cute mix.

The BMW X7 also carries more bench configurations compared to its siblings, namely 7 passengers, and this is what makes the stature become jumbo. Talking about features and completeness, clearly, the BMW X7 gets the best. Starting from AC 4 zone, 20 Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system speakers, heated seats, power rear window shades, heated/cooled cup holders, head-up displays, power captain’s chairs.

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For security features, this car has features such as Active Protection and Active Driving Assistant system with Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Collision Warning, Frontal Collision Warning, Pedestrian Warning with City Collision Mitigation, Cross Traffic Alert Rear, and Speed ​​Limit Information.

Regarding the engine, the BMW X7 is offered in many options, starting from the 3,000cc Turbo 6-cylinder engine to the xDrive40i variant powered by 340 PS and 446 Nm in torque, then the Twin-Turbo V8 4,400cc engine for the powerful xDrive50i variant 462 PS and 648 Nm in torque and two the diesel xDrive30d variant has a 3,000cc 6 cylinder diesel engine and an M50d with a translucent 400 PS with 760 Nm of torque.


The X7 – Exterior

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The X7 – Interior

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