The Pan/Tilt MINIBOT: The Tough Rugged 4WD Smart Robot

The Pan Tilt Minibot 5

Inspectorbots finally announce the arrival of the new Pan/Tilt Minibot, their most recent mechanical bot. It takes the best highlights point of the past robots and joins them into one super stage for the latest addition to the lineup.

The Pan Tilt Minibot 6

The Pan/Tilt Minibot is a half breed between Inspectorbots’ Spider Mite and the Minibot. It highlights zero-sweep turning with a pan/tilt camera. It likewise includes rough 4WD wheels, offers a live video feed, and has an advantageous convey handle.

The robot is holding a GoPro camera. The owner would then be able to control the camera from the smartphone with the GoPro application. The Pan/Tilt Minibot is perfect for applications that ordinarily require a human yet are excessively messy, troublesome, or hazardous, for example, assessing pipelines, mines, or crawlspaces.

This Minibot is a 4-wheel-drive electric vehicle with high-torque capacity and engine that got its power from rechargable batteries. You can charge it in the field with the original vehicle’s 12-volt battery. Lightweight (under 10 lbs.) and low to the ground, it is ideal for bound spaces or remote activities.

The Pan Tilt Minibot 5

The vision system is a stable and reliable system. It includes a GoPro Hero camera. This is a live video system. With its high-powered transmitter and receiver, the user can view and record video or stills.

The Pan/Tilt Minibot is a teleoperated FPV UGV (First Person View, Unmanned Ground Vehicle). The owner needs to control it as though they were inside the vehicle itself. Drop it into an unsafe situation and record the video as turning it upward, down, left, right and wherever in the middle of while sitting in a sheltered, comfy area.

The Pan/Tilt Minibot can anticipates numerous applications including slither space review, wire/link establishment, observation, surveillance, under-vehicle examination, protection claims, law authorization, military, secretive examination, bug control, strategic/SWAT activities, HVAC investigation, calamity rebuilding, vitality evaluating, public safety, stadium inspection, and engineering.

The Pan Tilt Minibot 4

Vehicle’s Specs:

  • 4-Wheel Drive Platform
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Shell
  • Carry Handle
  • Dimensions: 14” W x 12”L x 8”  or 11” H
  • Easy / Intuitive to use
  • Hi-Torque Motors
  • Pan/Tilt Camera Mount
  • Go-Pro Hero Camera
  • Includes Battery Charger
  • Lightweight: under 10 Lbs
  • Low Profile -Perfect for Under-Vehicle Inspection.
  • Live Video Feed
  • DVR Upgrade Available
  • LED Lights Upgrade Available
  • Range 1200 Ft. LOS
  • Rugged 4WD Upgrade Avail.
  • Interchangeable Wheels
  • Runtime: 1 Hr
  • Stainless-Steel Fasteners
  • Upgrades available
  • Multiple Cam Configurations
  • Ground Clearance: 1.5”
  • Zero Turning Radius
  • Min Speed: .06 m/s
  • Max Speed: .75 m/s (3.7 mph)
  • Max Incline: 30 Degrees
  • Water Resistance Available

Vision System:

  • Compact Color Camera
  • Completely Mobile: no AC required.
  • FPV (First person View)
  • High-Power Transmitter/ Receiver
  • Operators Control Unit
  • GO-Pro Hero Camera
  • Live Feed
  • Recordable Video/Stills
  • Virtual Reality Ready
  • Range 500 Ft. LOS

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