Ujet e-Scooter: High tech, stylish, connected and easy to use

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Scooter is one of the ultimate solution for urban transportation that requires agile and fast transport medium. With the rise of an electric transportation era, scooters are also increasingly evolving into e-scooters which now have lots and lots of options out there.

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Luxembourg-based motorcycle manufacturer Ujet launched a smart scooter in the world’s largest electronics exhibition, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, United States. This smart scooter is planned to be marketed in Europe, America, and Asia.


The Latest Tech

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This scooter is equipped with the latest communication technology through 3G connectivity, Ujet is also equipped with GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. This e-scooter also has a digital instrument panel that can detect problems on the scooter.

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Ujet has a unique design with asymmetrical frames that can be folded. This is why it is possible to just carry it. The weighs that only reach 32 kilograms which are made of carbon fiber material is bearable to everyone to carry on.


Three Driving Modes

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This electric scooter is equipped with headlights, taillights and entirely LED brake lights. This smart motor also has three driving modes namely, Eco, Normal and Sport.

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Even though it has a sports mode, it does not mean that this smart motorbike can accelerate with high speed, this is because the electric engine on this motor is only capable of producing a power of 5.44 bhp with a maximum torque of 90 Nm.


Unique Design

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This motorbike wheel is also quite unique because it is not mounted on a conventional shaft. The wheels are attached to the outer bearing, with perimeter disc brakes and internal capillaries.

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Ujet scooters are available in two battery sizes with a maximum distance of 70 kilometers and 150 kilometers. The time needed for a full battery is about two hours. The battery can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices.

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For the Ujet with the battery that is capable of going up to 70 kilometers distance got the price of 7,000 pounds. While the price of the Ujet scooter with a battery that has a distance of 150 kilometers is around 8000 pounds.


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