D-Fly Dragonfly: the world’s first luxury Hyperscooter

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Currently, the electric scooter is a hype among urban residents. The rapid growth of trends like GrabWheels is increasingly popular around the world. Besides being able to relax, riding an electric scooter is also more practical in avoiding traffic jams.

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Thus, the market of electric scooters is getting flooded with new products and recently D-Fly Group, a transportation company based in London, launched a sophisticated electric scooter at a fantastic price tag of $5000. The new scooter is called Dragonfly is touted as Hyperscooter.

Bragging to as Hyperscooter is certainly not without reason, the D-Fly Dragonfly is the kind of scooter that uses premium materials, such as carbon fiber, 7000 series of aerospace-grade aluminum and Paulownia wood.

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The electric scooter got supported with dual motors that can go with a top speed of 38 meters per hour. Meanwhile, traction control on the wheels can go up around 1,800 watts with large torque.

The adoption of the tech is to increase the battery so that it can travel around 28.5 miles. The Dragonfly also uses the patented “Full-Tilt” steering technology, a technology inspired by F1 racing, using tilt control and three-dimensional rotation on the main pillar.

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D-Fly Dragonfly is also equipped with a 4.5-inch ultra-high-definition 4K-powered display and allows users to access various applications and data, as well as following the direction through the GPS after they connect with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

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Dragonfly also uses a sound system with high quality that is worth to be called as a Hyperscooter. the initial idea of ​​the Dragonfly scooter began with Jez William, a British businessman who heads one of the largest crowd control and management companies in the world.

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The D-Fly Dragonfly will be available in mid-2020 and those who are interested in having one of these can reserve the product through the official website. The reserving process will cost the prospective customer $100. The first production run of Dragonfly will be limited to 500 special editions.

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The electric scooter is available in several models, the three-wheeled version is sold at $ 5000, while the four-wheeled version is priced at $ 6000. There is currently four-color option available, Stealthy Black, Luxury Mocha, Oxide Lime, and Mono White.


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