Niu NQi GT: Built for Speed!

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The NIU NQi-GT is an electric smart scooter from an innovative company founded by the former CTO of Baidu (the Chinese Google) and a former Microsoft employee. The mission of the company is to create a high-quality electric scooter with the latest technologies and design.

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The company claims that the Niu NQi GT is a special version of the N-Series (NQi) that was designed for speed. The scooter is classified as a motor scooter. The scooter has a powerful 3,000 watt Bosch electric motor that is optimized to give full torque immediately for extra fast acceleration.


The top speed of the Niu NQi GT is 70 km / h while it is also equipped with two removable 35Ah Lithium batteries of type 18650 from Panasonic, the same type of battery used in the Tesla Model S.

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The high-quality batteries provide a physical driving range of 100km at a speed of 70km / h. The Niu NQi GT offers 3 driving modes: Sport, Dynamic and E-Save. In the E-Save mode, the driving range can even get longer to 170 km.


The Niu NQi GT has two built-in chargers that make it possible to charge both batteries at the same time. The charging time of the batteries is 3.5 hours. Another interesting point is that the scooter has a customizable multi-colored dashboard.

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The scooter is equipped with 32 sensors that proactively monitor the scooter for problems. The Niu NQi GT is connected to a service cloud (OTA) that actively monitors the scooter for potential problems and advises the rider in time to visit a service station for pro-active service to prevent expensive maintenance.

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The system also provides automatic software updates for new functionalities and provides the rider with the ability to remotely diagnose the scooter and provides a GPS-based anti-theft system.

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The NQi GT is a true smart scooter that connects to a smartphone. Everything from battery monitoring to GPS and driving history can be kept in the NIU app that keeps the driver informed about everything related to the conditions of the NQis.

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The app also provides an anti-theft system that alerts the driver when the N1s are moved. With GPS it is possible to trace the position of the scooter in real-time.

The NQi has a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) or regenerative braking whereby the braking energy is fed back to the battery.

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  • Battery: 2 x 60V 35Ah lithium ion
  • Motor Type: Bosch 3000W / 3500W Taylored motor
  • Battery: Panasonic / 18650
  • Charging time: 3 hours for 100%; 2 hours for 80%
  • Range: 130-140 km
  • Front wheel: 90 x 90/12
  • Rear wheel: 120 x 70/12
  • Tire pressure: 2.0 Bar
  • Brakes: Front: Disc brake / Rear: Disc brake
  • Max load: 150 KG
  • Color: GT = Black / White


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