Gogoro S2 Café Racer: A Celebration of Craftmanship

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For those of you who adore a classic scooter, you can now consider Gogoro S2 Cafe Racer. This one particular scooter offers the impression of a classic British cafe which is common in the 1960s. The super chic style is also displayed by updating the S performance technology to make it more resilient, but still adorable.

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For those of you who breath retro-smelling things, you will love Gogoro S2 Café Racer. Especially with the skin that reminds us of the aesthetics of London motorists in the ’60s. Although it looks old, the scooter has everything a modern scooter will have.

This scooter is also equipped with a windshield that can arouse racing spirit. The glass has a sleek shape and is perfectly integrated with the body. The wind will not bother you when driving because it gets splitter due to the presence of glass in front.

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Another part that is not less interesting is the mirror end of the classic-style. The mirror mounted on the rod is useful to reduce obstacles and provide clearer vision, especially for riders who are allergic to dust. The classic style that is displayed is never timeless because it is still loved by many people.

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Beside retro concept that is displayed throughout the scooter, there is also a futuristic improvement, integration and improving S Performance technology embedded on the Gogoro S2 Cafe Racer.

In addition, the braking that is embedded is also superbly done. At the front, there is a disc brake that is enlarged 245mm with the strongest stopping power. The original synchronization braking system allows each braking system to work better on all road terrain.

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These specifications provide security for the driver so that they can avoid danger while riding on the road, whether the road is flat or not. Disc brakes can be radially locked into place to prevent vibration and distortion itself That is why Gogoro uses Race level 4 Piston Mounted Calipers.

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As for the front suspension, Gogoro S2 Cafe Racer has a thicker and stronger standard. The company shock absorption has a high-speed system, while the custom silencer control provides comfort in any riding condition.

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Gogoro S2 Cafer Racer is a special edition of the Series 2. S-range is a range of performance-oriented models for the original Series 1 and 2, such as AMG for Mercedes-Benz or M-range for BMW. S2 Café Racer is a special edition in the S performance range.

This scooter has a 7,600-watt electric motor with 213 Nm of torque. This scooter also has a top speed of 92 km / h and accelerates from 0-50 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

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The last feature that makes this scooter the best choice is the ability of the Gogoro App that not only can lock the position of the motor and sound an alarm but can also help to plot the course of the journey to be traveled.

With a series of features that is very futuristic, Gogoro S2 Cafe Racer is one of the most modern scooters on the market today. This Taiwanese scooter is marketed at a price of $ 3,900.


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