Stator: The Uniquely Shape One of A Kind Scooter

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On account of startups such as Bird and Lime, the realm of electric bikes has changed into a prominent type of transportation. Nonetheless, most electric bikes nowadays have genuinely low speed and lacking many things. California-based designer Nathan Allen is presently endeavoring to join the crowd, with the fascinating looking and self-adjusting Stator.

Stator 4

Stator Scooter, with RFID keyless start-up; venture on the self-balancing bike. Outrageous off-the-line torque and accelerates to 20 mph with discretionary 10-25-mile extend. The braking mechanism is accomplished through back wheel regenerative braking matched with a front-wheel water driven plate brake.

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High output lithium batteries are located in the base to power an efficient 1000W geared hub motor housed within the rear wheel. A quick-folding handlebar gives the scooter pack-ability for quick storage and transport. Additionally, the bar can be adjusted to varying degrees for rider comfort.


Naked Frame

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Stator offers a straightforward uncovered casing structure that can be tweaked to the client needs. The range of utilization for Stator incorporates amusement, transportation, or utility. Adjustable parts incorporate seat, front/raise utility racks, fog light, brake light, Phone holder/charger, and custom rack packs.

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The oversized tires offer suspension along with a wide footprint for stability over uneven surfaces. Low tire inflation PSI offers low potential for tire puncture. The stator was designed to have a low part count. Each part and assembly is designed to be as simple as possible for low-cost manufacturing and easy repair.


Easy and Simple

Stator 1

Stator was intended to be a simple, straightforward, with clean approach to move around. Because of Stator’s low focus of gravity, it can offset alone with the rider on or off. The low construct offers riders simple in light of simple off riding with a versatile structure. All equipment, mechanics, and hardware are secured and housed in the wheels, base, and tubing.

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Stator is in the stage of a prototype with the release date that is expected to be as soon as the first quarter of 2019. The startup still keeping the price of Stator close to their chest, so there is no information available for those who want to take this uniquely shaped scooter home.

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