The Brick by Balolo: The Real High-Tech Advanced Wireless Charger

The Brick By Balolo 4

Presently, at each progression of our life, we’re encompassed by the blessings of new technologies. The smartphone charger is in likewise routine on present-day tech. Previously, even now, a tremendous piece of us are utilizing cell phone chargers, containing USB Cables. Be that as it may, now, it’s the ideal opportunity for Wireless Charger to rise and Balolo is attempting to up the phase with their most recent item named The Brick.

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Well, it’s not that brick which you use to build your house. it is that Brick which gives you the scope to have wireless charging technology along with a lot of new features. CNC – mechanized from solid American walnut wood and metal and engineered in Germany, The Brick is arguably the best fast wireless charger in the market.


Over Heat? No Way!

The Brick By Balolo 4

Any common charger will give a considerable measure of warmth when you’re charging, and on account of that, the telephone either quits bringing the pursue or moderates the charging procedure. However, The Brick contains a warmth sensor in its body, in addition to having a strong metal base that really keeps the temperature low while charging your cell phone and along these lines, it ensures the smartphone.

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The Brick has been built up with proper electronics parts that let your smartphone charge at its highest rate – up to 15 watts. Even a smartphone without wireless charging technic can be charged by just adding a wireless charging receiver.


Portable and Classy

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The Brick is a versatile charger. Now it’s anything but difficult to convey it with you regardless of whether you are in a visit or in your office or anyplace else, and obviously in your home. It’s thin and light, in addition to has likewise the capacity to function as a work area charger.

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  • Wireless Charger,
  • Supports First Charging (up to 15 watts),
  • USB C type,
  • Qualified electronics parts,
  • Heat sensor to control temp. while charging,
  • Solid metal base,
  • Slim and lightweight,
  • Lightless and soundless,
  • Portable and works also as a phone stand,
  • Laser engraving personalization.

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This remote charger is also compatible with most of Qi-certified Android Smartphones. It suits every phone size and can charge your phone anywhere by just simply sticking it to the phone. Not only that, but also it is lightless and soundless, so, at night, it doesn’t disturb your sleep.

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