Plux: The Best Wireless Charging Pad for Your Apple Devices

Plux 6

Introducing Plux, the best wireless charging pad for your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone 8/X. You can charge your Apple devices simultaneously with this world’s first Qi-compatible multi-device wireless easily. Plux is designed with Qi wireless technology, quick-charging speed, face ID, nightstand mode, and also an overcharge protection. You can even charge with your phone case on it.

Apple Fans Charger

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Some Apple fans may not only have an iPhone. They may also have other Apple devices like AirPods and Apple Watch with different cables and chargers. Plux comes with wireless charger technology called Qi to help you charge all of them quickly and wirelessly.

Plux 8

Plux offers a convenience of wireless charging wherever you are. It can be a stand or a pad, so you can use your phone at any angle with this charger. The 10 W output will give you a good chance to save your money and also your time.

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Plux Features

Plux 1

Plux is featured in some best brands, like AppleWorld.Today, iDB, AppAdvice, Digital Trends, Stuff. Techaeris. APPLESFERA. Product Hunt, COMPUTERWORLD, engadget, Cult of Mac, Mac4Ever, iLounge, Geeky Gadgets, and also iguides.


Ultimate Wireless Convienence

Plux 9

Plux is supported with a fast charge support. It offers 10 W of charging power which is 33% faster than a standard wireless that you often use. This awesome wireless charger is also designed in unique style. It allows you use it as you want, a phone stand or a charging pad.

Plux 2

With Plux, you can charge some devices at one time. It can charge multiple of your Apple devices at once including your iPhone, Apple Watch series, and also AirPods charging case. You will not waste any time when you use this wireless charger.


10 W Fast Charging

Plux 3

The fast charging technology can give you up to 10 watts of power for your iPhone 8/X, Apple Watch, and also AirPods. It is safe, reliable, and of course convenient to charge all of your Apple devices faster than other wireless chargers.



Plux 4

Plux has been completed with intelligent safeguards. It can prevent overcharging and overheating, especially for you who often charge your device at night until morning comes. With the protections, Plux becomes a premium device to be used.


Design and Prototyping

Plux 5

Here are the design and prototyping of the first Plux image. Start from a simple sketch on some papers then continue with a computer, Plux has been designed well to be your best wireless charging. It can be both a charger and also a stand for your everyday use.

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