BambooMotion: Bike with A New Form of Active and Sustainable Mobility

BambooMotion 4

BambooMotion is an innovative bike that began in Europe and it is materialized in 2015 in Mexico. This bike becomes a mobility sustainable alternative for Mexico City in the current of environmental crisis these days. BambooMotion is about promoting to use eco-materials in mobility, especially with a bike. With bamboo material, this bike has hand-made frames with a value of highest quality levels.

Sustainable Material

BambooMotion 2

The first reason for using bamboo as the main material in BambooMotion is its sustainable characteristic. Bamboo is a sustainable material with an environmentally friendly option for the cycling industry. It also means that the local materials that it uses can reduce the carbon footprint. The special bamboo of BambooMotion comes from the Gulf of Mexico.

There are also other benefits when a bike comes with bamboo frames. It has a high lightness and also a high strength if you compare it with aluminum frames. Bamboo is also easy to be customized with an accessible price too.



BambooMotion 4

Using bamboo perhaps seems not a regular thing for a bike. But once you have BambooMotion in your hand, you will have the most stylish bike ever. You will not only get a lightness bike with its high quality of the material but also a stylish bike which is different from other bikes.


Collaboration Design

BambooMotion 5

BambooMotion also offers other designs which are full of synergies of sustainable designs and also traditional Mexican crafts. The collaboration for this design also comes from the Huichol and Zapotec arts. The result makes BambooMotion has its own identity and also promoting the arts through this urban mobility.

BambooMotion 3

The first picture that you see is BambooMotion which is painted and decorated with Huichol art and also NayArt. The second picture with awesome black and white wheels is the design of Zapotec art in collaboration with Jacobo and Maria.


Frame Detail

BambooMotion 1

This picture is showing you the detail design of BambooMotion with its bamboo frame. You can choose if you want to have BambooMotion with darker style or lighter style. The design looks simple but it has the best material and durability ever for your biking activities.

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