Moment Filmmaker Collection: The Future of Mobile Filmmaking on Your Phone

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If you love to do a mobile filmmaking with your iPhone, Pixel device, and Galaxy, then all you need for the best result is Moment Filmmaker Collection. This collection comes from Moment with new four products. With this four new products, you can shoot well with your small camera as if you use a big camera. Moment Filmmaker Collection will make you a great director with your own phone device.

Four Products

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There are four new products that you can get when you have Moment Filmmaker Collection. The first product is iPhone X Battery Photo Case, the second is Gimbal Counterweight 2.0, the third is Anamorphic Lens, and the last is Filter Mount.


Anamorphic Lens

Moment Filmmaker Collection 9

Anamorphic Lens is designed in sexy style. The widescreen and the horizontal flares come in letterboxed look. The price is so friendly to you and the technology will give you a chance to shoot like the pros with your own phone.

Moment Filmmaker Collection 7

This lens has a 1.33x type that can bring an organic look and also a character of 2:40:1 Cinemascope to the Moment’s mobile platform. With this lens, you can capture a wider angle image with the telephoto lens perspective and also the inherent shallow depth of a field.

Moment Filmmaker Collection 6


Battery Photo Case

Moment Filmmaker Collection 11

Your shoot will not be good at all without this Battery Photo Case. It is a wireless-enabled battery photo case with two best things for you. You can easily shoot a video with your phone using the shutter button without touching the phone screen. It also has 3,100 mAH battery that allows you to shot much longer without recharging.

Moment Filmmaker Collection 4

There four main parts of the Battery Case. DSLR Shutter Button, Apple Lightning Port, Built-In Lens Mount for the New Moment Lenses, and also 3100 mAH Battery. The black case will make your phone looks cool too.

Moment Filmmaker Collection 3


Gimbal Counterweight

Moment Filmmaker Collection 8

It will be better if you can also use the Universal Gimbal Counterweight too. You will have a butter smooth vides when you shoot with your phone. This product has an adjustable design to calibrate and counterbalance your lens and case setup.

Moment Filmmaker Collection 2


Filter Mount

Moment Filmmaker Collection 5

Moment Filmmaker Collection 1

A filter mount will help you to make some effects and control the light. This Moment Filter Mount allows you to have a standard 62 mm filter with the Moment Lenses. Just press fit the mount on the lens and you are ready to get the best shots.

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