unu Scooter: Electric Engine + Portable Battery, What Else Do you Need?

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Global warming and the problems that arise with it began to arouse many parties to bring up creative ideas to create various devices to reduce the adverse effects. One of the most developed areas is transportation. The Unu Electric Scooter is the perfect cheat key to the transportation problem.

Unu Scooter 5

This electric-powered transportation facility is not only easy to use but also environmentally friendly. The New unu Scooter is designed by Unu by cooperating with BOSCH and LG. This electric scooter uses an electric motor from BOSCH to push the rear wheel.

While Lithium-ion batteries from LG can reach a distance of 100 kilometers and can be removed to be recharged at home or a charging station. The battery can be charged at any ordinary outlet with the charger provided. it took 7 hours of charging time to recharge a battery that is completely empty.

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The battery housing is made of brushed aluminum and has an indicator that shows how full the battery is. Each used batteries are recycled together with the German GRS Batterien for use as energy storage and renewable energy system.

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Unu also has a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS. KERS is known from Formula 1 in which every time you brake, the braking energy is put back into the battery.

Unu Scooter offers several advantages, namely luggage that can store 2 helmets and others, LED lights, and keycard as a substitute for conventional keys.

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The owner of unu Scooter can download Unu App to their smartphone to find out scooter location and battery charging status, If the scooter moves without you then the anti-theft feature will intervene. The owner will get a notification in the Unu App and will send the location of the scooter.

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Another main feature is the navigation system. You can just send the destination to the scooter via unu App then you will be guided by a screen on the dashboard to the destination point.

In addition to that, the scooter can be turned on with a digital key through the application. This key can be easily shared digitally with friends, family through the Unu App. With enough riding space for two adults, Unu is an ideal urban transportation choice.

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There are three variations of the unu electric scooter where the difference between the three is the battery capacity. The Basic version of this scooter has a capacity of 2000W while the Standard and Plus versions have 3000W and 4000W. The range of prices offered will also vary starting from $ 3.182 to $4432.

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